Presentation Materials

This page is designed to provide materials you can use to create your presentation.  You can use the materials to build your own Powerpoints, questions, scripts or paper based presentations.

Powerpoint Materials:

   How Do I Install and open the ADP RUN Mobile Demo

Successstories    ADP Success Stories Videos – Click Here

    ADP RUN Mobile Sales Sheet

    ADP Powered by ADP RUN Mobile Payroll Sales Sheet

PDF Icon   ezLabor Manager – TLM Brochure

PDF Icon  HRPlus Product Knowledge Guide

Review summaries of the following services listed on this page:  Full Service Direct Deposit, Payroll Preview, Document Vault, Employee Handbook Wizard and Job Description Wizard.

    ADP RUN Mobile Non-Branded Collateral – Two Page Sales Sheet

    ADP RUN Wholesale Trifold Sales Sheet

    RUN Mobile iOS Demo Script

    Sample Pricing Guide

    RUN ADP Objectives

    ADP RUN Payroll Wheel

    Probing For Needs

  NEW! Processing Options -Outsourcing

 Screen Shots of all ADP RUN Mobile App Screens.  All the screens for the Mobile App are here in a single Power Point file.  Or Right Click Here  and “Save As” to Download them.