Phase 2 – Product Knowledge

In this Phase, you will have 4 Parts.  Watch the video and download the job aids.

Part 1 – Features and Benefits:

Powerpoint of Video

PDF Icon  HRPlus Product Knowledge Guide

Review summaries of the following services listed on this page:  Full Service Direct Deposit, Payroll Preview, Document Vault, Employee Handbook Wizard and Job Description Wizard.

   Features and Benefits Guide

Part 2 – Navigating the RUN Mobile Demo:

Run Nav 10-21

Powerpoint of Video

   RUN iPhone App – Demo Script

Part 3 – Pricing

Powerpoint of Video

Sample Pricing Guidance

Part 4 – FAQs

Powerpoint of Video

    FAQs on RUN Mobile

   How Do I Install and open the ADP RUN Mobile Demo

This is the end of Phase 2.  Now go to Phase 3 for Training on Selling RUN Mobile